<i>Traumatic Brain Injury Coaching</i>
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Traumatic Brain Injury Coaching

Treatment Planning

Labor of Love understands that those who have suffered TBI may have cognitive limitations, emotional challenges, or sensory issues that might need to be addressed during the treatment process. This is especially true where substance use disorder has been involved.
Labor of Love has grown to be one of the leading experts in the field at blending the principles of neuroplasticity with traditional substance use disorder (SUD) recovery methods. Labor of Love can often utilize and work from a discharge summary, though in some cases may ask for QEEG or SPECT scan to provide a working image - a roadmap if you will- to help create a baseline to gauge and measure progress. Our team has extensive experience in the application of hyperbaric oxygen, TMS, bio-identical hormone considerations in order to help create the basis of an ancillary set of services with which to walk alongside the patient. The placement and timing of these services is critical to the treatment process; to ensure that the treatment is effective, but not overwhelming.


Those who have been charged for caring for someone with TBI often believe that the health care system has some serious shortcomings. With the best of intention to follow medical directives, you might find that you spend late nights searching online for solutions and trying to advocate for the loved one and their return to good health. We know of thousands of such situations. Labor of Love can provide objective and reasonable feedback to the families we work with, and when necessary, make referrals to only the most quality of providers while blending this with some care and coaching. We advocate for our clients as we walk alongside them on their journey to recovery. This coaching is by design and includes a high level of interaction much like any other model of concierge medicine.


As someone who has suffered and walked through treatment for TBI, our founder at Labor of Love knows the challenges and hardships to be found along the path and employs a homeopathic approach to coaching that factors in all parts of a sufferer’s life. Our blended model of neuro-interventions, linguistics exercises, nutrition and neurofeedback are pivotal in helping the brain create new neural pathways in the journey to recovery. Our family support component also provides a sounding board for our caretakers and family members who have walked an arduous path as well.