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Who We Are

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Jeff Gould


Labor of Love’s founder, Jeff Gould, is a certified intervening professional with sixteen years of experience in the field of addiction. Born in Los Angeles but having grown up in Tucson, Jeff was a promising athlete who was strong in academics before succumbing to an addiction- punctuated by frequent relapse for the next fifteen years.

Having found recovery in 2002, Jeff had gone on to work several summers in global disaster response, while maintaining an executive role in various treatment programs. Jeff has become a nationwide advocate for traumatic brain injury and authored “A Life Concussed”. Since its publication, he has become a passionate advocate for those who have suffered TBI, helping allocate resources for individuals all over the country. Jeff lives quietly with his wife Hilary in Dallas, Texas; he enjoys hockey and playing music.
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Rebecca Hogg

Director, Clinical Services

Inspired by growing up near the coast in both California and Florida, as well as traveling the globe, Rebecca developed a passion for taking photos of the natural beauty around her.    She challenges herself with adventurous and calculated risk activities such as skydiving and parasailing.  Initially drawn to law, Rebecca received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Central Florida and worked for dynamic legal teams before deciding to be involved in education and then counseling.  She continued her own education by earning a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.  She is now a Registered Play Therapist and has extensive experience working with children who have had to overcome trauma, challenges, and social concerns.  She also takes initiative as demonstrated in the training video she co-created for other therapists about how to do EMDR via telehealth which has been recognized by EMDRIA.

Rebecca has always been drawn to things that inspire people, which shines through in her practice. In recent years, she has found her niche of working with families affected by addiction and has developed a passion for helping those who have spent so much time caring for others. Rebecca is a bright, shining light who oversees all clinical services provided by Labor of Love to the families we serve. In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys exploring old and new places as well as sharing laughs and games with family and friends.
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Brian Percox

Director, Family Services

Born and raised in Stockton, California, Brian was a promising and steadfast athlete in competitive gymnastics in his formidable years after his family relocated to Tucson, Arizona. After the loss of his brother to leukemia, Brian’s family began to bear the heavy loss in the way of acute markers of active alcoholism, something that both shaped and made him effective with the families he serves today.

Having spent some time incarcerated in his young adult years, Brian was able to convert that experience to good account upon his release and later was a volunteer in the Correctional system in the state of Maine, having been recognized by one of the worlds largest 501c3 service providers as having been both an innovator and pioneer into bringing faith-based programs into a lockdown setting in a meaningful and effective way.

After serving fifteen years in that system, Brian gave up a two-decade career in high performing sales and marketing to rise to CEO of one of the nation’s top Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers, treating chronic relapsers. While there he developed a unique and engaging style to work with addicted patients and oversee the correlating family programs-becoming a trusting sounding board for families across the country in distress.

Brian then joined the Labor of Love as the Director of Family Services, bringing both a kind heart and an intuitive expertise to meeting the needs of the families we serve. Brian is a highly sought out International speaker on the topic of alcoholism who leads a quiet life fathering two children: Quincy and Max. He spends his free time in study and enjoying golf.
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Dr. Jason Galea

Dr. Jason Galea is an invaluable and astute practitioner who brings more than 10 years of expertise to the Labor of Love Team. With a PhD in Psychology (Specializing in Sports Psychology and Clinical Psychology) Jason has developed a significant background in Sport Medicine and has studied the devastating effects of head injury. He has provided counsel to the families of loved ones who have suffered from head injuries. Growing up outside of Toronto (Woodbridge, Ontario), Jason and his younger brother were raised with a high regard for academics and sport. Jason’s first experience with brain injury was that of watching his father-an entrepreneurial executive- suffer the devastating effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury due to a Viral Infection. It was this experience that shaped and defined who Jason was to become. Jason grew up with a passion for ice hockey, going on to play Division I. In his formidable years, Jason attended both York University and the University of Toronto - where he represented both institutions as a Varsity Hockey player.

Dr. Galea later relocated to San Diego to pursue a Masters in Sports Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He played an important role as an assistant clinical trials director, where he helped facilitate clinical trial investigations of some of the largest pharmaceuticals in the medical world today. After this, he became the Director of Sports Performance and Sports Psychology programs for Saint Katherine College. During this same time, he developed USA Concussion Testing, one of the largest Concussion testing programs for high school sports in Southern California.

Dr. Galea is the Co-Founder of HeadSet Sports and is the weekly host of Headset Sports Podcast. In his free time, Jason enjoys coaching youth hockey, spending time with his family including their new dog Leila.
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Anna Gores

Director, Health

Born in Chicago and the youngest of four siblings, Anna Gores grew up in Illinois with a strong passion for athletics and research. Anna's journey has brought her to Texas, where she now serves as Director of Health for Labor of Love LLC.

Anna Gorges is a Registered Dietitian specialized in functional medicine with over 15 years of experience. She has become an immense asset to our clinical focus in brain injuries, trauma, and cognitive health. She has profound knowledge of how nutrition and diet affect our body and health, and in our clinic, reduce neuro-inflammation and nerve damage, and enhance mood, memory, and cognition. Anna grasps the intricacies and connections of the body and develops personalized protocols with a whole-body approach.

While the research on the impact of nutrition and natural supplements in brain injuries are still growing, there are emerging natural therapies that show promising effects on reducing and offsetting some of the damage that occurs through trauma; this includes traumatic brain injury.

We are excited to have Anna Gorges share her evidence-based dietary approaches as a vital component of our comprehensive program. Anna has developed a specific brain health dietary plan that has a track record of improving the gut-brain connection, reducing pain & inflammation not solely in the brain but across the entire body and restoring cognitive function and balance. She employs cutting edge, integrative and natural therapies to promote brain balance and repair while easing dependence on medications. She has a solid grasp on methodologies that help heal the body and overcome health disparities. Other areas of expertise include ADD/ADHD/Autism, Leaky Gut, Genetics, and Endocrinology.