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A Fresh Look

SunglassesOne of the most frequent set of symptoms to accompany TBI- especially of the sports variety (i.e. Concussion) would be that of Irlen Syndrome. Irlen sufferers usually have bouts of nausea, sensitivity to light; they may or may not experience words floating around on the page when trying to read, and concentration maybe extremely difficult. On some level, this is due to Ocular motor dysfunction, something i just delved into a little bit this past week.

One thing worth trying:

Go to the nearest curio-shop (I’m thinking like Spencer’s Gifts or whatever store would have Grateful Dead and DOORS t-shirts in fresh supply) and try some of those old round hippie glasses. Try some differing shades- yellow, red, blue. It may very well be that one of those will bring almost immediate relief. Buy a few pairs in case you break one, and utilize them as long as the symptoms persist. The data and research supporting this is minimal to none, but many say it helps.